Eric Seastrand

EricSeastrand@gmail.com(832) 275-9731

Career Goal

Resolve the company’s problems and inefficiencies, by developing software, tailored to the unique needs of the user.

Work Experience

Manager, Commerce Solutions

Bubble Up

The Woodlands, Tx – Aug 2016 to Present

I oversee the creation, modification, and maintenance of any technology solutions which process financial transactions for Bubble Up’s clients. To do this, I wear many hats, and have a wide range of responsibilities including:

Training existing staff

By providing hands-on training and instruction to existing staff, I familiarize them with any Magento features they need to use. This allows them to make maintenance changes to existing stores, such as product, catalog, and inventory adjustments.

Onboarding of new developers

Magento development has its own unique set of obstacles. By teaching new developers Magento best practices, I help to ensure that all code being produced by our in-house team is robust and bug free.

Requirements analysis and discovery

Through interactions with clients and internal salespeople, I help to gain understanding of client needs, and aid in the creation of Requirements and Scope of Work documents.

Estimation and quotation of new functionality and projects

Before the company bids on a project, I estimate the time-cost associated with building any new functionality.

Creation of user stories and technical specifications

After a bid is won, I turn the high-level business requirements into technical specifications that developers can take action upon.

Procurement of new software from 3rd party vendors

Rather than re-invent wheels, I seek out existing solutions which satisfy project requirements. Once a candidate is found, I work with the 3rd party vendor to ensure that the software in question will be compatible with any existing functionality.

Oversee in-house development of new functionality

In cases where a viable existing solution can’t be found, I delegate and oversee the in-house development of any components necessary to satisfy project requirements.

Sr. Software Developer, E-Commerce

Bubble Up

The Woodlands, Tx – April 2014 to Aug 2016

Create, maintain, and update customized Magento-based E-Commerce codebase to ensure that each of the 300+ storefronts are reliable, scalable, and secure. All back-end development was done using PHP, MySQL, and Zend Framework. Prototype JS, jQuery, and vanilla Javascript were used to create custom features in the admin panel.

store.Aerosmith.com, www.ShopKissOnline.com, store.LukeBryan.com, and www.MargaritavilleStore.com are a few of the high-profile stores on the Magento-based e-Commerce platform that I maintained at BubbleUp. These stores are mostly autonomous, ingesting product data from various 3rd party APIs, then returning order data to the same 3rd party for order fulfillment.

Spreadshirt Integration Module

This integrates Spreadshirt’s Print-On-Demand platform and API with Magento, which alleviates the store owner from the stress of managing inventory, and allows them to create and sell a variety of customized items.

Custom Ad-Hoc Sales and Inventory Reporting

Using a combination of PHP, MySQL queries, and Zend’s Database Framework, I created a variety of reporting options, to help store owners understand what is selling. These reports are accessible via the Magento admin panel, or automatically as daily, weekly, or monthly emails.

Split-Shipment Magento Module

Creating this module to allowed Bubble Up to start up their own fulfillment operation out of their Woodlands office, while continuing to use existing fulfillment companies for existing products. This let them gradually transition to fulfilling everything in-house, at their own pace.

The Split Shipment module also interfaces with the ShipStation software, to allow the automatic export of only specific products for internal fulfillment.

Fan Club Membership Integration and Single-Sign-On

I created a module which facilitates the sale of membership subscriptions through Magento. This allows music artists to sell fan club memberships alongside their CDs and t-shirts.

The module exposes a special authentication API, connecting it to BubbleUp’s proprietary content management system, where users gain access to additional special content such as TicketMaster ticket pre-sale codes and community forums.

ShipStation Integration

I integrated BubbleUp’s proprietary CMS with ShipStation using PHP. This integration feeds new subscriptions into Magento, then from Magento into Shipstation. By using Magento as an intermediary, BubbleUp is able to leverage all the features of Magento such as inventory management, ad-hoc reporting, and customized tracking confirmation emails.

Sr. Software Developer


Houston, Tx – March 2010 to September 2013

I shaped the company’s IT architecture by creating and maintaining software tailored to each department’s unique objectives and workflow. As first point of contact, I built a rapport with the employees using my software. This unimpeded communication granted me unprecedented insight into the user experience, resulting in a better product for the company as a whole.

While at HostGator, I created, deployed, and maintained countless projects and codebases. The three most notable ones are listed below:


When it was decided that HostGator needed a new chat system, we first set out to give our customers a more modern interface. To ensure a smooth transition through backwards-compatibility, I started by creating an API around the existing database. Then, using the creative team’s concept mock-up jpgs, I created the customer-side interface seen today. I then created a purely browser-based employee interface, to replace the GTK+ and VisualC++ apps we were using. After EIG acquired HostGator, BlueHost began using GatorChat for their customer support interactions as well.


I took this system from concept-art to launch, using only mock-up images for reference. Interactions with the underlying Mojolicious(Perl) API are abstracted in PHP for added security.


Google contracted HostGator India’s help in their GetIndiaOnline initiative. The contract called for a fully custom cPanel interface, a login page with Google oAuth support, and a signup form which validates the user’s PAN ID against the Indian government’s database in realtime to prevent fraud. I personally designed and coded every aspect of the signup, login, and user control panel.

Call Center Supervisor


Houston, Tx – January 2008 to March 2010

As Shift Lead for daytime phone and chat support, I managed a department of 150 technical and billing support agents. I oversaw training and staff development exercises for my direct subordinates, and conducted per-employee performance/attendance evaluations. I also had the responsibility of answering to any customer that demanded a manager or supervisor for any reason.

Freelance Developer, Consultant, and web-master

Various private clients and small businesses

September 2013 to April 2014


User Interface / User Experience

API design and development

Project Leadership

AWS (Amazon Web Services)



Server administration, maintenance, and support

Developer Community Involvement


Courses towards Audio Engineering/Music Recording AAS

Houston Community College – January 2008 to December 2009

Courses towards Computer Science BS

University Of Houston – January 2010 to May 2012